*****Mummy Hearts Money is currently not accepting much/any sponsored or gifted work. This is because my writing time is down, I am not pushing as many non-sponsored posts out to my readers, and as a result my unique views will not do your product or event justice. I find myself with limited time to read and respond to emails. Please do not be offended if I do not reply. I definitely read your email, and genuinely consider whether I could do justice to the brand AND my readers for every single one.****

Want to see your product profiled on Mummy Hearts Money in a review? I love to write from personal experience, or can do an advertorial with your input.

Interested in advertising on Mummy Hearts Money? I come pretty cheap.

Had something a little different in mind? Size? Quantity? I know how to haggle, I'm just not good at it. You'll probably get the better end of the deal! Contact me now to discuss your requirements, I can tweak my packages to suit your needs. At the moment MHM only offers 1 advertisement per month, however we are open to expanding our offering depending on the demand.

I can provide a media kit upon request. But a heads up in advance that if you are interested in stats mine probably aren't high enough. I have a collective of loyal readers whose visits I value deeply that I'm sure would love to see your support on my blog. These readers really like it when you give them something (*hint, hint*)

Disclosure Statement

Where ever I receive some kind of incentive to write a post, I will always disclose this in my post.

Incentives in my eyes include (but are not restricted to) cash payment, product, & tickets to desirable events.

I do not consider it sponsored content if I am doing a giveaway post for a product where I have not received a product or payment myself. Yes, I know this is debatable, but that's where I stand. I will mention the lack of incentive in the footer of the post if I believe there is any doubt.

No, I will not write a post just for an incentive. It needs to be a good fit, and I need to like it. I've suffered the awkwardness of offering to return a product given to me for review, because I plain old hated it, and won't tell you all fibs on my blog. It is kind of fun though exploring new products or sharing old ones that I love, so I am very open to the products I will write about.

And finally, I do NOT include any clauses excluding my friends and family from entering my giveaways. My blog was started as a way to connect with friends and family, and I've met some new ones along the way. So my giveaways are intended to benefit EVERYONE who reads my blog, excluding members of my household (who actually don't read my blog). Statistically speaking, 0% of my giveaways have been won by a friend or family member who knew me from prior to reading my blog.

Contact me now!

Elise xx

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